Undue influence can be an issue for an elderly person who is easily influenced by a caretaker or family member. If you would once have been considered a beneficiary, and then upon the filing of a deceased person’s Last Will and Testament or trust, you find that your share has been significantly reduced or cut out entirely, you may want to look into whether the deceased was unduly influenced by the person who benefited the most from that changed Will or trust. If you are a beneficiary and upon the death of the loved one, you find that all the money has been paid over to a caretaker or family member under less than reasonable circumstances, it is possible that your loved one has been a victim of exploitation. The attorneys at All Life Legal are familiar with the claim of undue influence, exploitation, and other causes of actions meant to recover assets that should have been part of your loved one’s estate, and can assist you to uncover whether any claims exist, including tortious interference with inheritance claims.