Estate planning is not only a necessity for wealthier persons who seek an estate plan that may reduce or even eliminate the federal estate tax burden on their estate, but should be considered by those persons of even modest incomes, whether young or old. A well executed estate plan can help a person in four very specific ways:

  1. Estate Planning can help a person plan for their future financial needs
  2. Estate Planning can help prepare for a smooth transition of a person’s assets to their intended beneficiaries
  3. Estate Planning can provide guidance to a person’s loved ones when that person is sick
  4. Estate Planning can reduce the cost of, and in some cases, even eliminate the need to probate.

All Life Legal, P.A. starts out by sitting down with their client and listening to their specific objectives; and then an estate plan is carefully crafted to meet those objectives.  An estate plan may include some or all of the following: